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Kader Hassim 10.11.1934 10.11.2011
by Apdusa Administrator
2013-04-05 19:11:00

Kader Hassim, a principled, disciplined, courageous and loyal member of APDUSA died on 10 November 2011.

Kader Hassim was a true revolutionary who dedicated his life to the struggle for freedom and emancipation from oppression and exploitation. Always ready to defend and put forward the ideas of the organisation he addressed many gatherings, meetings and conferences. He was not just an orator but always put forward his ideas forcefully and logically. His insights into contemporary affairs and contribution to the body of literature of Apdusa will be missed.

This website is a lasting memorial to his dedication to his ideals. He embraced the new technology that would enable him to preserve the literature of the movement. He conceived the idea of the website and then acted on that and made sure that it came to fruition. He was the editor of Apdusa Views which was almost entirely his work both in content and execution.

A tribute to him was paid on the 19 May 2012 at a gathering of his comrades, family and friends and has been uploaded to our repository.